Innovation in road operation and traffic management is central to the creation of safer, greener, faster roads for the future. We’re developing a modular ecosystem of algorithmic, integration, IoT, Cloud and User Experience technology to empower control centers.

Our highly available, mission-critical, Cloud software ingests, organises and processes Big Data 24/7. Exposed through an intuitive web interface and API, we utilise AI, Machine Learning and unique algorithmic techniques to drive intelligent Traffic Management.

AI & Machine Learning

Computer Vision

Microscopic Data

Intuitive Design

Secure & Scalable

Cloud Agnostic


Event-driven Architecture

Artificial Intelligence

Valerann positions road network operators at the centre of Mobility’s future. Responsible for the protection of human lives on the road, sound judgement is essential to every decision. We support these decisions through the latest AI and Machine Learning technologies.

Our platform is able to model the position, speed and classification of vehicles in real-time, to intelligently detect and validate Events on the road and to predict times and locations with an elevated accident risk. We utilise Machine Vision to identify both static and moving objects, weather and light conditions and to automatically verify alerts reported from open and floating-car sources. We use Natural Language Processing (NLP) to make sense of social media feeds. In combination, these methods enable rapid, data-driven decisions, reduce human error and save time, emissions and lives.

Data Fusion

Time and again, we have seen road network Operators forced to react to incomplete or confusing data in partial darkness. Valerann casts a light on the road through our proprietary Real-Time Fusion Engine, offering users the most complete perspective of the current road conditions.

Information about the condition of the road comes in all shapes and forms — cameras, weather reports, social media, radar loops, IoT sensors, navigation apps and connected vehicles. Inherently, any individual data source has its limitations, uncertainties and blind spots. However, when combined, they tell a comprehensive story about what’s happening on the road. Data Fusion allows road network operators to leverage this certainty. Using custom knowledge graphs and optimal estimation, we assimilate data, measurements, information and their associated uncertainties from a multitude of sources and derive real-time and actionable insights about the road and its users.

Big Data

Leveraging the wealth of data streaming from roads can unlock previously unattainable strategies, decisions and optimisations for road operators. We organise and extract meaning from Big Data to empower action in real-time and for retrospective analysis.

Our scalable, event-driven architecture enables performant, cost-effective and reliable data ingestion, processing and storage. Our system can stream unlimited cameras at 30 frames per second straight to the Cloud, as well as consuming Open-Data and Sensor signals to power algorithms for accident detection, verification and automated response. What’s more, we will back-up all 2.5 billion frames every day and can replay conditions from any historical date. We continuously run pattern detection algorithms on this data to alert Operators to present traffic anomalies. Our objective is to remove the overhead of high-volume, high-velocity data in order for its value to be realised.