The Smart Road System

Valerann has developed a state-of-the-art traffic management data platform that uses all available sources of information, to provide real-time, high-resolution insights and predictions by leveraging AI and Big Data algorithms.

In today’s reality, where data sources are limited, Valerann also offers a proprietary solution that seamlessly integrates IoT wireless sensing technologies into roads, transforming them into a data-generating, connected infrastructure.


Valerann’s wireless IoT multi-sensors are implemented within the road, collecting data about vehicle movement, physical objects and road surface conditions. This data is sent in real-time to Valerann’s gateway. The sensors are solar-powered, include a proprietary wireless communication system and active RGB LEDs to send visual signals to drivers.

Solar Powered
Traffic Flow
Environmental Conditions


The gateway is a wireless communication unit, located alongside the road. The gateway contains several communication modules, precise environmental sensors and a GPS-RTK system. Each gateway collects and processes data from up to 200 sensors, and transmits the information further to the cloud and directly to connected vehicles on the road.

The Platform


Valerann’s cloud combines information collected from existing sensors and the Valerann gateways, and uses machine-learning algorithms to map, track and predict everything that takes place on the road. This enables a comprehensive, real-time, high-resolution data platform.

Into the

Platform’s Artificial Intelligence Processes

Valerann technology diagram