Frequently Asked Questions

What is Valerann and what do you do?
A global leader in intelligent road traffic management solutions (ITS), Valerann is redefining modern mobility and roadway operations by enabling actionable, accurate and timely data-driven decision-making. 
What is Lanternn by ValerannTM
Lanternn by Valerann is a hardware-agnostic, mission-critical, highly available SaaS solution suitable for a broad range of use cases in road traffic management. It provides road traffic operators with the necessary tools and insights to gain clarity of their roads traffic situation in real-time and enables better and accurate data-driven decision making.
Accuracy: How accurate is your system compared to other solutions? 
We use deep reinforcement learning algorithms to train our model and deliver high accuracy in incidents identification.
What is its main advantage?
Lanternn by ValerannTM provides a comprehensive overview of the entire road on a single pane of glass enabling data-driven actionable decision making. It provides direct connection to drivers though social media channels and CAV, simplifying road traffic management. Road operators can design traffic management rules using natural language processing to automate road management operations.

Our platform is hardware agnostic, integrates atop of the existing hardware infrastructure and does not require additional hardware installation.
What are the use-cases for Lanternn by ValerannTM?
Lanternn by Valerann is a universal platform suitable for a broad range of use cases, such as -

• Operational KPIs tracking and management
• Road and roadworks safety
• Accurate risk & dangerous behaviour assessment and risk prevention
• Congestion and CO2 emissions analysis
• Competitive market share analysis
• Road operations resources planning
• Traffic management around large scale sporting and festival events
Are there geographical limitations to Lanternn by ValerannTM deployments? 
There are no geographical limitations for deployment; the platform can be deployed anywhere in the world, it has multilingual support as well as support for both, metric and imperial standards (km/miles).
Where do you have deployments? 
We have deployments in Europe, Middle East, Central and Latin America.
What are the technical limitations or special requirements for deployment?
There are basic requirements for data / internet connectivity and workstations (PCs or Macs). Our solutions can be deployed atop of the existing ITS infrastructure. 
What technology does your platform use?
Lanternn by Valerann is a cloud-agnostic platform. It also can be deployed on-prem. Containerised and serverless platform architecture enables high scalability and high availability.
Is the platform open source?
No, Lanternn by ValerannTM a proprietary software, thus a licence is required. 
Where do you host your platform and where do you store the data?
Mostly, we use AWS for hosting. However, our solution is cloud-agnostic. The data is stored in the hosting environment. 
Cyber / security: how do you secure the system on all levels? 
We follow data security protocols and have sufficient measures in place. We use distributed data storage to protect customer data.  We are in the process of obtaining ISO 27001 and 27017 certification.
Are you GDPR compliant?
Yes, the information in the system complies with the legislation in force in Europe and USA. Our platform supports privacy by design - we do not ingest any private data. No customer data is stored in our database and all data provided by the customer is the customer property as detailed in the legal documents signed by both parties. 
Can I as a customer export the data for our own use?
All data is retained by the customer and can be exported as CSV, XLS, MP4, etc.
How do I access the Lanternn by ValerannTM dashboard?
To access Lanternn by ValerannTM you just need to have a web browser and internet connection.
How does the licensing policy work?
Each customer will receive up to 20 credentials for their use and with a respective profile, stipulated by the customer. The customer will be responsible for managing and editing the credential profiles. Additional licences will have additional costs. 
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