Making Roads Smart

Valerann is a leading data provider helping to accelerate the revolution of the intelligent transportation industry.

This is made possible through the “Smart Road System”, an end-to-end solution integrating innovative sensing technologies into roads, transforming them into a future-ready, connected infrastructure that provides a comprehensive new source of data.

Closing the Informational Gap

As of today, 96% of the roads on earth are NOT data-covered, causing a setback in the development of innovative technologies. Valerann’s system bridges this gap, by creating a stable information base for a complete and smart transportation ecosystem.



The Valerann API provides full access to all insights that the system generates, providing a non-user dependent flow of information for data consumers. This allows applications to provide better and more diverse services, and simplifies the process of app development.

Cloud Control Center

The Cloud Control Center is a virtual platform for road operators that displays real-time, high-resolution information and insights about the most urgent on-road safety and traffic events that require immediate response. This allows operators to respond to any situation in the fastest and most appropriate way, resulting in fewer accidents and better traffic flow.


Sense-X is a real-time data and connectivity service for connected and autonomous vehicles. It provides them a safety net in the places they need it  most, enabling a better use of autonomous capabilities: ensuring exact in-lane location in harsh weather conditions, detecting out-of-sight risks and connecting them to non-connected vehicles.


The smart road system is an end-to-end wireless network of IoT sensors that are embedded within the road, collecting high-resolution data. This data is transferred to the Valerann cloud, where machine learning algorithms map, track and predict everything that happens on the road, resulting in a new and rich source of information.

What is the Smart Road System


The smart road system is an end-to-end solution based on wireless IoT sensors, that are implemented in vicinity of the road and collecting vital information from it. This data is transferred to Valerann’s cloud, where machine learning algorithms transform it to a platform presenting real-time information in high-resolution.

What is the Smart Road System

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