Big Data, Bigger Certainty

We provide our customers certainty via our unique traffic management platform: Lanternn by Valerann.

The platform is powered by our proprietary Real-Time Fusion Engine that leverages existing ITS infrastructure enriched with modern, connected data sources.

Lanternn by Valerann

A smart road data platform that enhances traffic management through our proprietary Real-Time Fusion Engine.

The system provides high resolution information about traffic conditions and risks, all managed and controlled through a user-friendly, real-time web platform.

Key Benefits

Reduce Congestion

Decrease Emissions

Increase Sustainability

Improve Safety


The Monitoring package enables highly focused road observation, through automated alerting of detected events and visualisation of other conditions. Operators benefit from high certainty, relevant context/analytics and a reduction in ‘noise’ allowing for better, faster and more effective decision-making.

This package is realised via a user-friendly interface and focuses on supporting real-time road monitoring and tactical activity within a Control Centre.

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Ensuring rapid and impactful response to detected events, the Management package closes the loop for end-to-end road operation. It provides Operators with the ability to coordinate, control and communicate with ITS and support resources, guided by data intelligence.

Seamless information capture and activity tracking reduces admin overheads, allowing absolute focus upon resolution and road user safety and experience.

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Maximising value from the accrued information cleansed, enhanced and ordered by the Fusion Engine, the Insight package is a data lake accessed via flexible reporting and analysis tools. It aims to support future planning, strategy and prioritisation through insights derived from past patterns and trends.

Predictive capabilities and models are unlocked by harnessing historical data, powering both real-time and long term decisioning.

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Real-Time Fusion Engine

At the core of Lanternn by Valerann, the Real-Time Fusion Engine ingests, analyses and organises data from integrated sources by applying Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), big data technologies and data fusion techniques to generate meaningful and actionable information.

Three integration levels based on data sources’ complexity and volume:

Open Data

Navigation apps, data partners, public-facing CCTV, social media

Basic ITS

Open Data + CCTV (static or PTZ), radar, loops and VMS

Advanced ITS

Open Data & Basic ITS + support vehicle GPS tracking, VMS controls, ingestion of historical data, IoT sensors and other customer-specific sources (i.e. weather sensors, bus routes)