Certainty and accuracy based on your data

We enrich your ITS with real-time data from a multitude of data sources for accurate events cross-validation.

We provide you with a comprehensive overview of the road situation on a single pane of glass.

We equip you with knowledge for accurate decision-making.

We empower you to efficiently manage your operations.

Use cases

· Roads and roadworks safety
· Accurate risk & dangerous behaviour assessment and risk prevention
· Traffic management around large scale sporting and festival events
· Operations KPIs traffic and management
· Road operations resources planing
· Reduction of congestion and CO2 emissions

Key Benefits

Reduce Congestion

Decrease Emissions

Increase Sustainability

Increase Safety

Increase Profitability


A comprehensive overview of the entire road for in-depth understanding of road traffic situation in real-time. Includes events detection, verification, prioritisation with risk prediction and alerting for control centers.

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Simplifies road traffic operations through automated push notification directly to VMS, patrol vehicles, social media, business communication channels and connected vehicles for timely alerting. Facilitates faster response to on-road incidents and events, prevents traffic build-ups and bottlenecks.

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Analyses trends, hotspots and root causes related to traffic events. Conducts weather risk-analysis to estimate accident risks posed by weather conditions. Provides highly customisable reports for efficient assets and resources management.

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Real-Time Fusion Engine

At the core of Lanternn by Valerann, our Real-Time Fusion Engine consumes, analyses and organises data from integrated sources by harnessing Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and Big Data technologies. The result is an rich, accurate picture of the road, its traffic, infrastructure and conditions, including the most relevant disruptions and safety incidents.

Exposed in real-time (and stored securely in the loud for retrospective analysis) the fused data creates certainty for road network operators, meaning greater understanding, less ambiguity, fewer delays and better resolution.

Flexible Integration Options

Lanternn by Valerann enables traffic management for a range of operational and environmental situations. We are able to facilitate full integration of new or existing advanced ITS assets and other resources.

Alternatively, we provide a lightweight Open Data only integration to minimise infrastructure investment. All sources feed the Real-Time Fusion Engine to generate meaningful, reliable insights for traffic management.

Open Data

Navigation apps, data partners, public-facing CCTV, social media

Basic ITS

Open Data + CCTV (static or PTZ), radar, loops and VMS

Advanced ITS

Open Data & Basic ITS + support vehicle GPS tracking, VMS controls, ingestion of historical data, IoT sensors and other customer-specific sources (i.e. weather sensors, bus routes)