NEWS: Valerann factory acceptance test success

October 5, 2021


Valerann has completed a successful factory acceptance test in partnership with Excelerate Technology, European Space Association (ESA) and the Satellite Applications Catapult, at Westcott Venture Park

5th October 2021

Westcott, UK- ITS Equant consortium formed by Valerann, an innovative cutting-edge Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) SaaS company that specializes in advanced traffic management software, and Excelerate Technology, a UK-based technology and connectivity partner, delivering hybrid connectivity solutions globally across diverse markets including emergency services, public safety, healthcare, governments, transport and utilities, , funded by ESA ,through its Programme Space Solutions, and supported by the Satellite Applications Catapult, successfully completed a factory acceptance test in Westcott Venture Park.

This innovative test shows that Valerann is able to provide full insight to the road's traffic irrespective of its communication infrastructure.

With the use of solar powered installation of Valerann’s IoT sensors and cameras provided by Excelerate, Valerann has successfully ingested data collected from the road, and linked through a satellite connection into their cloud based Real Time Fusion Engine to enable event detection and vehicle tracking including wrong way driving, stopped vehicles, slow moving vehicles and speeding. The Real Time Fusion Engine, leverages sophisticated Machine Vision and Data Fusion algorithms allowing access to real time traffic insights.

This is a significant milestone in a year-long project which will lead to a pilot installation of satellite connected cameras linked to Valerann’s intelligent traffic management platform. The system will provide up to 100% full visibility in real time to a UK operational control centre improving safety and traffic flow whilst reducing carbon emissions.

Successful Satcom Traffic Monitoring Data Flow
Camera Data Feed

Co-founder and CEO, Gabriel Jacobson, said: “This trial successfully showcases that satellite connectivity can be utilized to provide effective road and traffic management by covering areas on the road which are not easily accessible by current communication networks.”

Kieran Arnold, Chief Architect for Future Communications Systems at the Satellite Applications Catapult, said: “Valerann was the first company to graduate our Business Incubation Centre in Westcott and it has been fantastic to work alongside the team for the last few years. This trial has marked a major milestone for Valerann in demonstrating what real time information can bring to the intelligent transport sector, and the vital role satellite connectivity plays in providing a resilient network for this.”

Bethan Evans, operations director for Excelerate Technology, said: “We have been working on this project with Valerann and Satellite Applications Catapult for over a year now. And this major milestone clearly demonstrates that by working together we have been able to prove how all areas with connectivity challenges can benefit from technologies to improve road and traffic management. At Excelerate, we specialise in integrated solutions that overcome the boundaries and limitations of connectivity challenged environments, and to see this project coming to life as it has done is testament to the hard work and collaborative expertise of the team.”


About Valerann Ltd

Valerann Ltd is an innovative cutting-edge Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) SaaS company that provides virtual traffic monitoring systems for road operators. Valerann leverages artificial intelligence (AI), big data technologies and data fusion techniques to enable operators to extract maximum value from their existing data sources, while reducing costs of multiple legacy systems. Established in 2016, Valerann has worked with road operators worldwide to empower them to become future ready data players in the world of mobility.

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