Raising the bar: Road management with 100% road monitoring coverage


Being able to view traffic events in real time and take appropriate actions is hugely important for road operators. By using Lanternn by Valerann™ as an add-on module, road operators are able to discover more insights about their roads using existing infrastructure and extend their real-time roads monitoring coverage to 100%. In this case study, we explore how Valerann®’ has worked with industry partners to usher in a new era of intelligent roads.


The ability to monitor an entire road in real time and quickly develop an in-depth understanding of events as they happen remains one of the biggest challenges and highest priorities for road operators today.

Despite a surge in intelligent traffic solutions (ITS) being installed on major roadways in many countries, road operators still have to contend with a number of issues, including sensor blind spots, false alarms and data overload for control center staff. This means that operators are not getting the true value out of their ITS investments and still lack situational awareness.

On many roads, there is often a limited amount of ITS technologies installed (if any at all), owing to the large costs associated with smart infrastructure projects. This means that road operators miss out on the myriad of benefits that exist when ITS technologies are deployed, including increased response times to events on roads, improved safety and a reduction in serious accidents, and making traffic flows more efficient.

For those companies or government agencies that run toll roads and concessions, ITS technologies – including hardware and software - are also a way to maximize revenue and increase market share, as we previously explored in this blog. Without a real-time analysis capability, these toll road operators could be losing money, which could have severe consequences for businesses.

So how can operators unlock real-time traffic analysis capabilities with the ITS technologies they currently have in place and in turn increase overall visibility?


Our advanced AI-driven software Lanternn by Valerann™  is setting the industry benchmark for real-time traffic analysis. With an open ecosystem, it can be seamlessly integrated as an add-on module to other ITS solutions that are available on the market, be it on-premises or cloud-based software tools that are used for asset tracking and roads maintenance.

One such example is Valerann®’s recent work with Spanish company Openvia Mobility – part of Globalvia – where both companies have collaborated and successfully completed a pilot project on the AP-53 roadway in Galicia, Spain. Lanternn by Valerann™ was integrated with Openvia’s Geomic product, a web-based field service and asset management tool that is used to improve the maintenance and management of road operators’ assets.

Road operators and concessions have to be able to track ITS assets and understand what is happening in order to efficiently carry out operations as well as perform maintenance on equipment, whether this is planned and reactive. This includes monitoring equipment, optimizing the use of resources and organizing tasks for personnel, which is carried out using Geomic.

Operational data generated from the Geomic platform was seamlessly incorporated into a number of other roadway data sources collated by Valerann®’. Lanternn by Valerann™’s use of advanced proprietary algorithms based on AI/ML and computer vision gave operational staff even greater real-time insights into their roads, allowing them to prioritize events and make decisions faster in complex, mission-critical scenarios.

The results from the Galicia pilot have been impressive; extending road monitoring coverage from 55% to 100%, means operators have a comprehensive overview of an entire road. At the same time, accuracy in road event detection increased to 89%, while critical event detection time reduced by 25%.

With Geomic and Lanternn by Valerann™  working in unison and leveraging the synergies of both platforms, road operators have been able to manage the full lifecycle of a traffic event, from initial event detection, to the efficient allocation of resources and assets to ensure an effective and swift conclusion.


Valerann®’ and Openvia continue to collaborate closely together to solve the challenges faced by today’s road operators, and this joint solution will be rolled out further in the future. Valerann®’ is also exploring further collaboration efforts with other mobility companies to understand the opportunities and synergies that could exist between Lanternn by Valerann™ and other software and data solutions.

In conclusion, Valerann®’ works closely with partners to integrate Lanternn by Valerann™  as an add-on module for their existing systems, and our flexibility and open ecosystem means that road operators and other providers can leverage and access real-time AI-based traffic event monitoring that was previously not available on the market.

Integrated with other software, Lanternn by Valerann™ delivers a powerful toolkit that addresses a wide range of challenges that exist today in the transportation sector, particularly managing roads and associated infrastructure and assets.