Raising the bar: Road management with 100% road monitoring coverage


It is a priority for road operators to develop capability to monitor an entire road in real time and quickly develop an in-depth understanding of events as they happen. To solve this challenge, Valerann and Openvia Mobility were commissioned to unlock real-time traffic analysis capabilities and increase overall visibility on the AP-53 roadway in Galicia, Spain.


Valerann integrated Lanternn by Valerann™ (LbV) with Openvia’s Geomic product, a web-based field service and asset management tool that is used to improve the maintenance and management of road operators’ assets. Operational data generated from the Geomic platform was seamlessly incorporated into a number of other roadway data sources that Valerann collated.

The primary objective was to use LbV’s advanced proprietary algorithms based on Artificial Intelligence (AI)/Machine Learning (ML) and computer vision to provide operational staff on the AP-53 with greater real-time insights into their roads, allowing them to prioritize events and make decisions faster in complex, mission-critical scenarios.


The results from the Galicia pilot have been impressive:

·      Road monitoring coverage was extended from 55% to 100%, ensuring comprehensive overview of the entire road

·      Accuracy in road event detection increased to 89%

·      Critical event detection time reduced by 25%.

TheAP-53 roadway is now able to manage the full lifecycle of a traffic event, from initial event detection to the efficient allocation of resources/assets.