cloud control center

From Data to Knowledge

The Cloud Control Center is a comprehensive solution for road monitoring and management. It is collecting essential data from the road, analyzing it and consolidating the relevant information in one place.

Nowadays, only a fraction of the roads on earth are data-covered, mostly due to financial and logistical constraints, making traffic management difficult to execute. Valerann’s CCC is an adaptive, easy-to-implement Intelligent Transportation System (ITS), that can turn roads into a 100% covered infrastructure.


Comprehensive Service

Easy to Implement


Data Coverage

Valerann is gathering road data and using advanced machine learning algorithms to translate it into actionable insights. The information is displayed to operators on a real-time interactive dashboard, with events classified according to urgency. The system empowers decision-makers to determine the proper form of action and respond quickly to any scenario. The CCC provides visual signals to drivers, allowing them to prepare in advance to hazards and obstacles on the road and ensuring a safer driving.


Slow Traffic



Black Ice




Road Occupancy

The percentage of the road that is occupied by vehicles, divided into road directions.

Traffic Flow

The total number of vehicles in each direction and their average speed. Below - the number of lanes and the congestion on each lane.

Traffic Incidents

Above - the total number of incidents on the road, divided into traffic and weather incidents. Below - each bar represents an incident, classified according to its urgency with additional relevant information.

Vehicles Classification

On the right - The number of vehicles is divided into categories. On the left - The percentage of vehicles from each category on the road, CAVs are represented in light Blue.


The average distance between the front of vehicles in each direction.