Machine Learning Engineer


Our London-based team is looking for a talented, experienced and hard-working data engineer. Your primary focus will be developing data pipelines that ingest streams of data (IoT, camera feed and connected vehicles data), run machine learning algorithms, in real time and in batch, store the data in various databases, and transform it (ETL). Additionally we are looking for someone who can participate in developing our APIs.

This position is a full-time role.


Proven experience that we are looking for someone with:

  • At least 3 years experience in developing backend code and data pipelines using Python. 
  • Experience in developing production-ready machine learning code, for example by training existing models.
  • Experience with implementing video pipelines or IoT pipelines for example streaming, processing data in real-time and in batch, storing data.
  • A high level of database proficiency, and experience at working with databases such as PostgreSQL, MySQL, Athena and Redshift.
  • Experience with developing APIs, for example using Flask or Django.
  • Using common software development tools such as AWS, Docker, Terraform, Github, Jira, Airflow, Grafana.


You should be

  • A person who likes to work in a start-up environment: dealing with uncertainties, working in a small team, and taking initiatives.
  • Someone who enjoys engineering complex systems.
  • Someone who can identify MVP and develop the right product.
  • Someone who is eligible to work in the UK without a sponsorship.

To apply please send your CV's to: