Tel Aviv

Mechanical Engineering Student

Job Description

We are looking for a talented, hard-working, dedicated mechanical engineering student, with the passion to learn and be an integral part of our mechanics team.

Requirements and advantages (we realize you are students and hence aside from being in a respectable university , hard working and a team player, the below are major advantages but not requirements):


  • Third year mechanical engineering student from a known university (at-least a year and a half to graduation)
  • Experience in design and execution of experiments and tests (multidisciplinar, incl. the needed design and manufacturing)
  • Hands-on working, highly technical proficiency (good hands)\
  • Proven experience in Solidworks
  • Experience in design and manufacturing
  • Knowledge in microprocessor-embedded devices and coding.
  • Team player, thinking outside the box and agile

Span: 80-hours monthly (2 days per week)

To apply please send your CV to:

*The company is an equal opportunity employer